Art Portfolio For Kids

Children are innocent artists. They draw, paint, create Art just for the sheer joy of it. Training the kids at an early age to draw and sketch using fine techniques helps them in enhancing their talent.

At Kruti Art Academy we encourage children to draw with a free mind, without worrying about the remarks of the teachers. Learning and Practising Art boosts confidence in kids and helps them to widen their interest levels and explore artistic career choices in the future.  We will teach them How to draw and Paint but what to Draw can be independently decided by the child. Whether it is natural scenery, portraits, animated figures, cartoons, animals, super heroes or imaginary creatures, the children will be free to draw elements of their choice – whatever is it that they would love bringing on the canvas!

Any skill with a strong foundation will always fare well in the commercial world. By enrolling your children for this drawing and sketching course, you can be assured that they will not only learn a lot but enjoy a lot as well.



  • Basic knowledge and practice with the materials and tools involved in drawing and sketching
  • A detailed study of form as portrayed through light and shade
  • An understanding of how to give volume and texture to your drawings
  • The art of conceiving a sketch with a monochromatic approach depicting the form
  • Designing with precision and focussing on proportionate spatial relationships amongst the elements in your design/sketch
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  • Level : Fundamental of Art
  • Category : Kids / Adults
  • Duration : 1 Year

Fundamental of Art


Kids / Adults


1 Year