Art Portfolio for Professionals

“Every artist was first an amateur” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

At Kruti Art Academy, our primary goal is to ensure that we enhance the skills of aspiring artists by teaching them the basis  advance along with critical analysis of artwork produced during the course.

Art Portfolio development course is specially suited for those who seek expert guidance in their own field like Fine arts, applied arts , architect , interior , fashion design Fine Art Exhibition .

A good portfolio separates your application and makes it stand out as an art work from a technically sound student who knows his skill set and portrays it with confidence. 

Every module in the examination is unique and requires a special training and tutoring for the students to excel in each module.

This course lays the foundation for students who are inclined towards Art to get their very first glimpse of an Artists’ life.



  • Basic knowledge supported by practical application of the same
  • Detailed study of concepts, colours, techniques, tools, materials, forms, elements etc.
  • supervised studio practice, self-directed learning and extensive portfolio creation opportunities
  • Certification course
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  • Level : Fine Arts Foundation Level I/II/III
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  • Duration : 1 Year

Fine Arts Foundation Level I/II/III


1 Year