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BFA, or Bachelor of Fine Arts is a specialized 4 years undergraduate programme that has been designed to teach students the various aspects of visual and performing arts.

BFA Eligibility
The common BFA eligibility criteria to be successfully admitted into a college offering this course is as follows:

  • The minimum qualification that the majority of colleges require from candidates is completion of the Class 10+2.
  • Each college also further has a set minimum aggregate marks. Overall, it should be 50% or above.
  • As part of the core subjects, the candidate must have had English or Hindi at High School level.

The above stated eligibility criteria are the basic eligibility criteria. Each college will have their own criterion on which prospective candidates are judged.

BFA Job Prospects and Career Options
Post completing the BFA course, most students go for higher education or look for employment opportunities.

  • Most BFA jobs are in the creative and entertainment field. Media houses, marketing companies, movies, music industry, art galleries, magazines, schools, colleges etc. are some of the areas where a BFA graduate finds employment.
  • A number of job profiles are open to BFA students, depending on the specialization chosen. One can work as an Artist, Graphic Designer, Art Director, Musician, Actor, Visual Artist, Screenplay Writer, Animator, Cartoonist, etc.

MH-ART-CET Entrance Exam Pattern:

Subject: I) Object Drawing Practical – (50 Marks) 1 hour
This is the practical paper, wherein a manmade/natural specimen will be provided to the candidate. He / She will have to draw a drawing of the specimen on the answer sheet as directed in the question paper. The question will be based to test the Entrance of candidate in drawing, proportions, rendering in pencil and overall observation.

Subject: II) Design Practical – (50 Marks) 1 hour 30 minutes
The question will be based to test the Entrance of candidate in arrangement of various forms to create good design in the given area, rendering in color, and the finishing skill.

Subject: III) Objective Type Theory – (40 Marks) – 45 minutes
There will be questions related to art, craft, design, and color and computer graphics in this paper. These questions will be of objective type. There will be multiple choices of answers to each question.Candidate will have to select a correct answer and to mark it on the OMSR sheet provided to him/her.Use a ballpoint pen to write the answers of theory paper.

Subject: IV) Memory Drawing Practical – (50 Marks) – 1 hour 30 minutes
The question will be based to test the entrance of candidate in drawing and arranging the sequence with memory for the subject given, rendering in colour, placement of elements in memory drawing and creating the environment.


  • Object Drawing
  • Memory Drawing
  • Concepts of Art, Design, Colour
  • Design Practical Practise
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  • Level : Fine Arts Foundation Level I
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  • Duration : 1 Year

Fine Arts Foundation Level I


1 Year