Realistic Portrait

Observing human figures including their facial features, body form, skin texture and colours becomes a very crucial part of portraiture. For experimenting with this art form, you must have an eye for detail when it comes to capturing still life as well as noticing and understanding the concept of movements, gestures, expressions, positions which have a significant impact on your art work. 

At Kruti Art Academy, we train the students to explore their skills in portrait painting by using a variety of tools such as charcoal, pastels, oil paint, watercolours, acrylics or a combination of more than one tool.

Portrait Painting is a course for anyone who wants to frame their subjects forever on a canvas either with or without colours. By enrolling for this course, you are set to learn the art of focussing on the minute details that cannot be ignored while painting a portrait. This course will help you to build an applause worthy portfolio and trigger your career as an Artist. 



  • Portraiture painting helps students in discovering their own personal individual style of drawing / painting
  • Mastering the art of observation and recreating the settings, background, subject with acute precision
  • Exploring and appreciating the beauty of human figures and unleashing your inner creative genius while painting portraits


  • Creating Realistic Portraits
  • Foundation Study: Vision, Form, Features, Details
  • Creative Imagination
  • Real Life Portrait Drawing 
  • Mastering the elements of facial features
  • Understanding Angles, shading, lights, and perspectives 
  • Developing Expressions 
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  • Level : Fine Arts Foundation Level II
  • Category : Adult
  • Duration : 1 Year

Fine Arts Foundation Level II




1 Year