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Specialized  Course

An understanding of line, symmetry, lighting, shading, texture, tone is the foundation to begin drawing, sketching or painting. The art of composition involves conceptualization and visualization skills in addition to the actual drawing skills. At Kruti Art Academy, we offer our students a basic drawing and sketching course modules for students of all levels – beginner, intermediate, or advanced.

 This courses is crafted for those looking to learn the very basics of drawing an painting techniques as also artists with drawing experience looking forward to getting some more practice. By enrolling yourself in this course you can be assured to strengthen the skills that are a pre-requisite for any good artist.

Course Highlights

  • Basic knowledge and practice with the materials and tools involved in drawing and sketching
  • A detailed study of form as portrayed through light and shade
  • An understanding of how to give volume and texture to your drawings
  •  The art of conceiving a sketch with a monochromatic approach depicting the form
  • Designing with precision and focussing on proportionate spatial relationships amongst the elements in your design/sketch

Key highlights

  •  Flexible schedules
  • Understanding Angles, shading, lights, and perspectives
  • Foundation Study: Vision, Form, Features, Details
  • Creative Imagination
  • Observation Skills
  • Conceptual Learning
  • Shapes and Object Drawing
  • All about Lines
  • Art technique
  • Using Imagination and Creative vision
  • Developing confidence and style
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  • Level : Fundamental of Art
  • Category : Adult
  • Duration : 1 Year

Fundamental of Art




1 Year