Dr. Anjali Zaveri

“The format of instruction helped me learn to see space differently, it helped me learn great layout techniques, and all the basic fundamentals taught me how to make beautiful Canvas Painting. Teachers were very hands-on with each student and took careful note of everyone’s progress. The style of the classroom made it possible for everyone to go at their own pace.”


Aayushi Agrawal

“Very nice experience in Kruti Art academy. Just finished my 6 month of Advance Sketching class, loved working in the friendly environment with music. Kruti Maam is a very friendly person and does not rush even if my hours is over.”


Dr Nitul Parekh

“As a novice to the world of art, it is imperative that I find the right teachers to nurture and to guide me, especially in my embryonic stage. This school has instilled a level of comfort and confidence I needed to overcome my insecurities as a new student. Not only are all the teacher’s astute artists, but also outstanding instructors with an ability to aid students to realize their potential or simply to discover the possibilities.”


Priya Patel

“I came to class to learn about painting and feel that I’ve come a long way in developing my skills for painting all subjects. It has helped me to see things from the perspective of an artist and has taught me how to use color and light placement to really bring a painting to life.”


Aneri Shah

“I’ve learned so much from Kruti Art Academy, in a very short time. From the initial foundations to advanced artistic expertise, they do it all! Teachers are incredibly perceptive and can teach visual learning with a few strokes of a paint brush.”


Tejal Galia

“Kruti Maam an other Faculty is always on hand to give advice on relevant artists, all delivered with love and humour, a rare gift. Great facilities, have been able to use all mediums, great breaks with inspiring lecture by Kruti Maam


Naina Jagad

“Very welcoming, interesting and informative. All levels were accommodated for, and it was great for a Senior Citizen like me.” Going to art classes takes me away from my everyday world and helps me connect with my creativity for days after.”


Deepti Panchal

“I would highly recommend Kruti Art Academy. He is very enthusiastic, friendly and encouraging. The course taught me a lot and the environment that we worked in was fantastic.”


Ishita Parekh

I was introduced to Kruti art academy class by my Brother ,Art I was always good at during my school days and I seriously wondered whether I would be completely out of my depth. And guess what – sometimes I am, but it doesn’t matter! Even when I walk round and see that everybody else has produced something much better than me, I really don’t mind. It’s not about who’s the best or the worst, just enjoying a couple of hours chilling out, drawing and painting, Faculty gives you as much or as little tuition as you want and even though I’m still pretty poor at times, I have definitely improved alot, I would recommend the class to anyone who wants a relaxed, friendly atmosphere in which to improve their art skills with a like-minded group of people.


Ati Jain

Kruti Art Academy is a not only a class for students but a place where you can learn and actually use your mind and creativity to realism. Its been 3 years in this Academy in Fine arts Course and It has personally helped me nurture and grow more on my weakness in sketching and make my strength more stronger than ever. It has made me more focus in this industry and I am so independent and focused that I can take any order and fulfill the client wishes by my learning process . Kruti Ma’am is not only my teacher but a true mentor who will always help you grow your chart. Thank you soo much Kruti Ma’am and Kruti Art Academy for this opportunity


Fiona Gosalia

I saw the ad of Kruti art academy on Facebook. I was actually looking out for a professional art class to polish my drawing. Out of sheer inquisitiveness I called up and spoke to Kruti. She explained her courses and what delighted me was the timing, duration and guided portfolio making So, I came to visit, even though it was far for me. I met Kruti. She seemed humble and she showed the academy and step wise process of sketching. I joined the advance sketching course in April 2019. I am able to confidently sketch and understand how to use the materials and finish my art work. I would recommend Kruti art academy for beginners and professionals also the courses are certified. That is one more reason I joined.


Dolly Sutaria

I Dolly Sutaria even though been in this industry past 12 years but being associated with Kruti Art Academy past two years was a complete different experience. Even before I have completed my course, I have started earning and getting commission work. Not only is Mrs. Kruti Raghani Mehta helpful for art course but also has given guidance for conducting exhibition from scratch and as well she guides for marketing our artwork. She has devoted her time for helping us develop brand name to getting clientele.


Rushikesh Wadkar

I became acquainted with Kruti Maam through Instagram; I think it is beautiful and inspiring. That’s why I jumped at the chance to take a course in Anatomy Study course through kruti art academy. The course was well-organized and designed to provide people with a variety of backgrounds the opportunity to discover and improve their use of this art, and also meant that each of us left the class with a fun souvenir and plenty of ideas about how to use art material in a wide variety of projects. I would definitely recommend Kruti Art Academy


Trupti Dhuri

I went into the Experimental Drawing class a bit apprehensive, having not been actively drawing and sketching for many, many years.This class assignments selected expanded our creative thinking and fostered our creative expression, which was his intent. I did not realize that I had so little artistic confidence. I came to see that this mindset had overshadowed so much of what I’d done – or rather, NOT done – throughout my life. I came to kruti art academy before one class to show him a business idea I’d been working on that involved my drawing skills. I was actually afraid to show it to her. Once he looked at it and gave me simple honest feedback – and some more encouragement – I felt like a, invigorated. I’m no longer embarrassed to show mywork or enhance my artistic technique. We learned that all we do is a“work in process”; there is no perfect piece of art, and there are many ways and methods to express ourselves artistically


Mansi Verma

I took Canvas painting course for 1 Year and I found it both inspiring and informative. In a short period of time the basic techniques of the old masters are presented to you and a new world of playing with colour and form can take place. You will never look at a painting the same way again! The atmosphere in the studio is relaxed and cosy. I found Eoin to be pedagogic and a very inspiring teacher. I can highly recommend the course to anyone interested in painting and the techniques behind it.