About the

“I dream of artistic manifestation of every aspect of life!
I ensure that I do justice to my dreams by designing and breathing life into others dreams!
An artist by nature, a designer by choice;
I make art come to life via my designs.”

– Kruti Raghani Mehta (Founder)

My passion for all things beautiful and my desire to create beautiful legacies of unforgettable brand experiences led me to establish a platform where I can dream and do! As an artist at heart, my life has been transformed by pursuing formal education that helped me hone my skills. I henceforth know the importance of educating young and talented minds yearning for a formal training in the field of Art. With the dream of empowering the souls hungry for learning Art, I conceived Kruti Art Academy to satiate their thirst for knowledge.

My journey as a student will be an ever-going process and this is one such example of how I would like to keep upgrading my skills and gathering global insights so that I can share this priceless pool of wisdom with the creative artists of the next generation. I believe in giving back to the fraternity and this opportunity will help me to enable aspiring artists to celebrate their legacies, just like I was blessed enough to create mine.

As an Artist, I am blessed to see beauty in anything and everything that I lay my eyes on. I was almost 5 years old when my mother gave me a bag of colours and told me to paint the floor outside our home during Diwali(also known as the Festival of Lights). In India, it is a tradition that women will draw a colourful ‘Rangoli’ outside their doorstep on any auspicious occasion. We have always been very closely associated with Art and culture since childhood. And ever since that day, I have been drawn to the field of Arts. By god’s grace I was fortunate enough to get a formal education in the field which helped me polish my skills and discover my talent and strengths. I have always been grateful to God, for having a family that has supported my dreams and ambitions unconditionally. Knowing the importance of a strong system, I decided to be the same force for someone who needs it in their lives.



As human beings, it is in our nature to be inspired by Art. As children, how the colour blocks had the power to engage us for hours? Just a mere colour could captivate us and entertain us! For me, even as an adult, if you see me with a blank canvas and colours, the sheer innocence and joy will be very visible on my face like that of a child who is given his favourite play tools. This inspiration of keeping that inner child alive within all of us through Art has been my driving force. 

In my experience, every time I have created a piece of Art, the whole process of conceptualization, drawing and painting has been such an inclusive learning curve that I have only grown a little more wiser with each project. When I see the final artwork, I feel a little closer to the divine creator as for a moment as I can share his ecstasy of creation; something that you can experience only with absolute involvement and love. If I can make even 1 person experience the same joy I have felt when I create Artwork, I feel the purpose of my life will be fulfilled.

Since a very long time, Art and Artists have been celebrated only if they have a validation from the connoisseurs that their artwork is worth going into the gallery exhibit or auction. But with the advent of modern art and digitization, things are slowly changing and a lot of people are opening up to the possibility of exploring independent careers in the field of Art. I remember when I was in school, Art was considered just an extra-curricular activity and never as a mainstream career option. I was however very sure from the very beginning about my career as I was meant to be an Artist in this lifetime. I am truly grateful for this realization early in my life and this was the only reason that I Fine Arts I could see a great difference in my work after my education which made me realize that if your talent is honed, nurtured and mentored in the right manner, one can definitely excel in this field. With this dream, I decided to become an educator. The kind of impact teachers have in our lives, is beyond imagination. Our teachers mold us to be the best version of ourselves. As a visiting faculty for Rachana Sansad and other College I have been given an opportunity to shape the lives of so many students with my teaching and coaching. At times, I have even played the role of a counsellor to many students who are seeking guidance and mentoring on their career decisions. A teacher’s role is never limited to only teaching after all. 

My dream to inspire more and more people to adopt Art in life along with the vision to empower students by teaching them and guiding them through their professional journey gave birth to my very own Academy in Mumbai – Kruti Art Academy.



In 2015, Kruti Art Academy came into existence with the mission to discover artists who have an hunger to learn; extend a formal education and training to master their skills, and empower them to design their lives, as they like. Thousands of students have benefitted by the programs offered by the Academy. I have personally looked after the needs of each and every student enrolled with us to help them discover their true potential and propel towards the right direction at full speed.

What sets the Academy apart is the format of education offered here. I welcome anybody and everybody towards an inclination to learn Art.  No Age  bar, No Gender  bar, No Profession bar, No Qualification bar; anybody will be enrolled at Kruti Art Academy if only they have a willpower to learn with all their heart. My students have been diverse groups of participants right from children as young as 12 years of age to adults as old as 62 years of age. Homemakers who have dedicated all their lives to their families, have finally found some time to invest in nurturing their hobby with our Art courses. Businessmen, Medical professionals, corporate leaders have also been a part of my student portfolio.

Art is no longer seen as a mere hobby, it has also gained a lot of recognition as a form of Therapy. In an era where people have become more vocal about mental health and well-being, Art has been used as psychotherapy to treat and heal patients. If you see, Art is just a way of self expression, portrayal of one’s creative imagination, or unleashing of one’s deep subconscious experiences. Art can totally help people cope with mental, physical and emotional well-being. Anxiety, Depression,  Stress, Learning Disabilities, are a few conditions that can be given some relief using Art Therapy.

Though I am an Artist at heart, I feel that my role as an Entrepreneur and an Educator is a far more important one. It gives me the chance to change lives, it offers me the opportunity to empower people, it grants me the courage to live my dream!