How Artists can monetize their artwork?

When you are an Artist, your Art is priceless for you…but for others, it must bear a price tag that people must pay for acquiring your masterpiece. In today’s digital age, Artists have a plethora of options where they can showcase their Art and put it up for sale. Even then, one common challenge Artists face is: ‘How do I make money with my Art?’

Art Galleries

The most traditional way of showcasing your collection to your audience. Art galleries would either buy your paintings and sell it at a marked-up price for making profit OR agree to split the profit once the painting is sold off.


Create your own e-commerce enabled website and showcase your entire collection online. People can browse through and make the purchase online directly. This way will give you complete control over the transactions and the profit made by selling your artwork this way will be yours alone.

Social Media

Use various social media like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube to connect with your prospective clients and keep your audience always engaged with what you have to offer as an Artist. Behind the scenes stories of your masterpiece, stages of completion, mixing of colours, some tips and tricks etc. should be frequently shared online to peak the interest level of your audience.

Art Exhibits / Installations

Participate in Art Exhibitions where connoisseurs and collectors keep an eye for outstanding masterpieces. This will not only give you an amazing opportunity to connect with people who value Art, but also open networking avenues. Many corporates, retail shopping spaces, parks, real estate projects are adorned with Art Installations time and again. Connect with the decision makers and pave your way through one of the mediums to gain maximum exposure and visibility as an Artist.

Every Artist needs to wear two hats – one of an Artist that he/she already is and one of an Entrepreneur to keep the business running. If you just cannot play the role of a businessman/businesswoman, hire someone who will manage it for you and you can then dedicate all your time to do what you do best – CREATE.

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