Using Art as Therapy: Benefits of Drawing and Sketching

Art is no longer seen as only a hobby or a career option, but many people are drifting towards this creative field to seek solace. Art is slowly being perceived as a therapy, just like mindfulness or meditation. The only difference here being, you are channelling your inner subconsciousness into the canvas by using Art as a medium. Even psychologists and therapists all over the world have proven time and again that Art can help you heal. Let’s look at the various health benefits attached with the basic activities like drawing, painting, and sketching:

  1. Championing the memory game

It is a scientifically proven fact that when you write/scribble/doodle/note something, you remember it well. That’s why all the school teachers have always asked children to write down dictation words again and again and again. Similarly, when you draw or sketch or even just doodle, you are moving one step closer to enhancing your memory.

  1. Unlock your creative consciousness

Art in any form helps you to unleash your creative genius and create something that did not exist before. Drawing, Painting, Sketching are activities that allow your creative juices to flow freely and help you to express your views and feelings. Many introvert people use Art as a medium to become the language of their soul. The ones who have a difficulty is expressing their emotions, have a promising opportunity to go all out while drawing and painting.

  1. Boosting mental health and wellness

Your involvement and attention during drawing and painting boosts your mental health and wellness. Whenever you are stressed, just pick up a pencil and start scribbling. Do this for 5-7 minutes and you will see a radical shift in your mood after those 7 minutes. Art helps you to reduce stress and live a balanced and a holistic life.

  1. Improving communication skills

A it is rightly said; a picture is worth a thousand words. If words are not your best friends, say what you want to with your paintings and sketches. Draw to express, Paint to fill in your ideas with colours of your dreams, sketch a roadmap to imprint your views and opinions on the world. Art allows you to communicate even without using a single word. Your masterpiece will not only say what you want to say, show how you feel and evoke a response in your audience which won’t require any words. It’s a subtle relationship which you build with your Art and your Audience.

  1. Better emotional well-being

Have you ever seen an Artist who is sad?

Emotions are great when expressed and Art gives you the liberty to showcase whatever you are feeling without any second thoughts. Happiness, Grief, Sadness, Anger, Depression be it any emotion, with drawing and painting you have an opportunity to let it all out on a canvas for the world to celebrate and learn from, in certain cases if need be. Art gives you the window to lead an emotionally healthy life.

Keep drawing, keep painting, keep sketching, but most importantly keep Living!

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