How do you find inspiration?

How often do you sit in front of your canvas or your sketchbook and ponder what to draw next? How often do you just sit there for hours together without any clue as to what your next piece is going to be about or what you should take as an inspiration?

Don’t worry you are not alone in this journey of finding inspiration for your next piece, while some artists just sit to draw, paint or sketch and immediately know what they are drawing, others struggle to find their inspiration, it’s absolutely normal.

Getting stuck on what to create doesn’t make you less of an artist. In fact you can find more ways to find inspiration for your art. You can use some very basic techniques which will help you in finding the right inspiration for your next piece of art. Here we have listed down some very useful ways you can implement if you get stuck in finding the right inspiration for your next artwork.

Create a habit

Now, most people would say if they can’t find any inspiration, how would they create artwork everyday. The idea in this case is that you set aside only a few minutes in your day where you just do something with your art supplies, maybe just smear paint across the canvas, or scribble something. This will help you create a routine where you will be compelled to do something during that few minutes of the day and that way you will be inspired more to create something or the other each day.

Go for a walk

All you need to do is get up from that chair and go out for a walk, but what you don’t need to do is think about your problem. Instead when you are on that walk try to notice more things and try to notice how these things have an impact on lives. Try to notice people around you. If you just try to break a roadblock or go over it maybe you are just looking at that problem when you can just focus on something else for a change.

Take the wrong turn

How often do we follow the same road, the same routine, meet the same people? What if we take the wrong turn for a change? Do something out of the ordinary that we have never done before. This way you can see a change in the scenery and see something different from all the things you usually see on the same old road.

Consume interesting content

In today’s time, there is no lack of access to any type of art in today’s world. There are abundant things you can watch or listen to which are out of the ordinary to keep you entertained, and educated. If you are a fan of fiction novels you can try to read non-fiction books. If you are a fitness lover, you can try to listen to health and wellness podcasts. This exercise will give you an insight into something different and help you draw this inspiration towards your art.

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